Community Health Worker (Spanish) – 5 hr Side Gig, $30/hr with bonus

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bosWell is seeking a temporary, part-time (~5 hours) Community Health Worker (CHW) who is fluent in Spanish and English. CHW experience and knowledge of local social service resources is a must.

The position will start IMMEDIATELY.

This position is well suited for someone who wants to pick up a few extra hours on the side. $30 per hour, with $100 bonus.


In these times of economic uncertainty, more people are struggling with their social needs – such as having enough money for food and rent. bosWell strives to help them access the healthcare and social service resources that they are eligible. Our goal is to address social needs before they impact people’s health.


As a Community Health Worker (CHW), you will play a critical role to help achieve this mission. You will connect with individuals who are going to food pantries, understand what additional health and social concerns they have, connect them with relevant resources, and build a long-term relationship.



– Visit partner food pantries in person to meet and engage with patients
– Engage in SMS-based communications with patients for follow-on conversations
– Help patients navigate to relevant health and social service resources (e.g. schedule medical appointment, enroll in SNAP), rather than just handing them a list


What you bring to the table

– Experience: 2+ years of experience as a Community Health Worker
– Fluency in Spanish and English
– Expertise: Intimate knowledge of local (Greater Boston), state (Massachusetts), and federal benefits that help people address their social needs around food, housing, transportation, etc.
– Typing skills: Comfortable with typing on a computer, as a significant portion of patient engagement will take place over chat
– Strong communication skills: Ability to build trust and connection with patients through your compassion


Working conditions

– Remote work from home


About bosWell

80% of a person’s health is driven by factors outside of the doctor’s office – enough food to eat, a place to sleep. We are increasingly recognizing the importance of these social determinants of health (SDOH), but we often lack the ability to find and engage these patients to truly help.

bosWell is here to change that.

By partnering with food pantries, bosWell connects food-insecure individuals to healthcare and social services that they’re eligible for – offering help in a community setting they trust, when they need it the most.

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