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Professional Development Opportunities

Come To Our Professional Development Forums

These regional gatherings are a chance for you to discover new community resources, build your skills, share what you know and learn for other community health workers.   A Professional Development Forum is a structured 2-hour session for CHWs whose goals are to:

  1. Foster the shared professional identity for CHWs
  2. Learn about relevant topics including core competencies, advanced training topics, or receive co-consultation through case reviews
  3. Encourage and facilitate CHW to CHW referrals.

Employers frequently support CHW professional development by allowing CHWs to attend workshops during work time, so ask your supervisor.  Sign up as a MACHW member and you will automatically receive information on events and activities in your region.

Attend Our Annual Conference

Each May, MACHW organizes and co-hosts an annual conference for community health workers, along with the MA Department of Public Health. Sign up as a MACHW member and you will automatically be invited to the conference.

Other Professional Development Opportunities

You can view our calendar of educational events and programs.

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Regional Training Centers

  • Boston: CHEC Boston: Community Health Education Center at the Boston Public Health Commission offers Core Competency Training as well as one day skill building sessions.
  • Lowell: CHEC Lowell: Community Health Education Center at Lowell Community Health Center offers Core Competency Training as well as one day skill building sessions.
  • Holyoke: Holyoke Community College offers the course Core Competencies for CHWs (HTH 104), a credit-based class, can be taken as a stand-alone course or as part of an academic certificate for CHWs.
  • Worcester: OWTI – Outreach Worker Training Institute at the Center for Health Impact (formerly known as the Central Mass AHEC) in Worcester offers Core Competency Training.
  • Amherst: Western Massachusetts Public Health Training Center: This training center is located at the School of Public Health and Health Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and offers a variety of trainings to front-line health care workers, including community health workers, nurses, physicians and medical assistants aimed at preventing and managing chronic diseases.

National events that you can attend

UNITY National CHW Conference

Unity is an annual national conference for and about community health workers, hosted by The Center for Sustainable Health Outreach (CSHO) at The University of Southern Mississippi. Consider attending to learn about the latest issues impacting community health workers and to network with community health workers and community health worker program administrators from across the United States.

American Public Health Association’s Annual Meeting

Each year around early November, the American Public Health Association (APHA) holds its large Annual Meeting for public health professionals. Consider attending to learn from CHWs across the country, potentially share your success stories, and join conversations that shape the CHW profession nationally. The CHW Section of APHA typically offers five $800 scholarships for CHWs to attend the Annual Meeting.