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Unity Conference Summary 2016 attended by MACHW

Atlanta, GA

July 17-20, 2016

(Rainelle and Jaime pose with Lisa Renee Holderby-Fox (far left), founding leader of MACHW, and Durrell Fox (2nd from left),

co-founder of MACHW and Technical Advisor for MA Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund — in Atlanta, Georgia.)


Community Health Workers, Rainelle White and Jamie Berberena represented Massachusetts Association of Community Health Workers (MACHW) at the national Unity Conference 2016 held in Atlanta Georgia, a platform for community health workers to share knowledge, information and expertise with other community health workers (CHWs) colleagues and policy makers.  The theme for this year’s conference was “Community Health Workers: Social Change Agents Advancing Health Equity and Improving Outcomes” which brought together CHWs from all over the nation.  Unity 2016 stressed the importance of CHW’s role in reducing health disparities, promoting social justice, shaping policy and practice, reducing health care costs and overcoming barriers in the field.

You can access Unity slides here:

Topics included:  Development of a national association of CHWs, state certification, return on investment and evaluation measures to sustain CHW Profession, advocacy, and social determinates of health, racial inequity in health care & public health.

C3 Project ( The Community Health Worker (CHW) Core Consensus (C3) Project offers recommendations for na¬tional consideration related to CHW core roles (scope of practice), core skills, and core qualities, skills and quali¬ties are collectively defined as competencies.

Addressing Disparities in Health in America: Community Health Workers working towards Social Change, Dr Camara Phyllis Jones, MD, MPH, PHD

American Journal of Public Health: Levels of Racism 'A Theoretic Framework and a Gardener's Tale

American Association of Community Health Workers
Self determination has been the theme & drum beat of CHW led movements
Kujichagulia – To Define Ourselves, Name Ourselves, Create for Ourselves and Speak for Ourselves

Free Online Training Community Health Courses:  CDC TRAIN-  TRAIN is a free service of Public Health Foundation and operates through collaborative partnerships with state and federal agencies, local and national organizations, and educational institutions.  Link:

Massachusetts Partnership for Healthy Communities- Free online health education courses

Please let us know if you have questions, feel free to edit the summary as you see fit. We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to represent MACHW at such a empowering forum for CHWs!


Jamie & "Mama" Rainelle

God Bless! :-)

Other Resources Made Available for Sharing:

CHW Social Change

Plenary Policy & other approaches

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