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Can I become certified if I have a positive CORI?

YES! As of late June 2017, providing a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) is the last step in the application process. It will only be conducted after an applicant meets all the criteria for certification, e.g., work experience, training, etc. The Board of Certification of CHWs (the Board) will not deny certification for arrests with no adverse outcome, juvenile offences or sealed items.  In assessing an applicant’s criminal history, the Board will only consider 1) convictions (except juveniles) and 2) open cases. Even if you have a conviction or an open case, the Board will review applications on a case-by-case basis, and assess the mitigating circumstances that led to the offence and your rehabilitation process since the offence.


Please note that MACHW has been advocating that the Board remove CORI from the application process. We are very concerned this could deter qualified CHWs from applying for certification.  This policy could undermine the goal of creating a workforce of diverse CHWs that can reach and meet the very specific and difficult needs of our most vulnerable populations. The Board held public hearings in June 2017 and we are waiting to hear if they have removed CORI from the application process. Click here for more information about knowing your CORI rights. Click here to view national report on removing barriers to state occupational licenses for people with records.