CHW Professional Development

MACHWitas (MACHW Regional Chapters)

Our six regional chapters (known as MACHWitas) offer Community Health Workers a chance discover new community resources, build skills and learn from each other.   MACHWitas maintains a monthly calendar of events in the region, run CHW Professional Development Forums, and conducts a census of all Community Health Workers in the area.  Sign up as a MACHW member and you will automatically receive information on the MACHWita in your region (Boston, Northeast, Metrowest, Central, Southeast, West).

MA Annual Community Health Worker Conference:

Each May, MACHW co-hosts an annual conference of Community Health Workers, along with the MA Department of Public Health. Sign up as a MACHW member and you will automatically be invited to the conference.

Support Community Health Workers To Become Certified

MACHW offers workshops to help experienced Community Health Workers document their work histories so that they can be “grandfathered in” as certified Community Health Workers.  For those new or recent to the field, MACHW helps CHWs locate training centers where they can pursue a path toward certification.  Certification is NOT required for employment as a Community Health Worker.